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Taotin Trading was established in 1999, providing reliable services in retail and wholesale hardware and electronics, shipping services, hospitality, and media. Committed to a customer-oriented approach, Taotin Media launched SpeedWave as a way to give customers in Kiribati a solution to issues of Outer Island isolation and expensive data packages.

For more information on Speedwave, give us a call.  



SpeedWave (Taotin Media) is a 100% Kiribati owned ISP that  uses next - generation geostationary Ka- band satellites that stream low-cost, high speed, reliable and stable broadband internet via powerful spot beams to most of the islands in Kiribati. Kiribati end users will benefit from this latest technology. 


SpeedWave wants to connect more I-Kiribati with their friends, families and colleagues through fast, affordable & reliable internet broadband using advanced low-cost technology. With our bandwidth, you can send emails, go on Facebook, make Zoom calls and more.

In 2020, SpeedWave was honoured with the Telecomunication Service’s Award by the Ministry of Commerce and Kiribati Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the contribution to the Livelihood & Welfare of the Kiribati people.

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